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TeardropTitle:  Teardrop

Author/Artist:  Lauren Kate

Why I picked it up:  This book interweaves romance, mystery, fiction, and ancient myth all into one package.  Personally, I picked up this book because of its fictional content.  I enjoy anything fiction, from science fiction to fantasy, and this book fits right into this range.  However, this book also includes action and mystery, which were two other appealing aspects of the book.  After reading the compelling back cover of the book, I was instantly drawn in.  The plot twists and the interesting backstory is sure to keep you up at night.

Why I finished it:  This book is beautifully crafted, combining many genres into one.  Therefore, I wanted to see how the book ends, especially with all the fast paced action.  Furthermore, Lauren Kate manages to include serious topics in the backstory, prevalent in today’s society, which can teach the many young adults of today’s society a lesson.  All in all, this book pulled me right in with its interesting facades and significant social commentary.

I’d give it to:  This is an easy read perfect for any teen who wants to relax with a compelling story.  It would appeal to male and female readers alike, because of the balanced gender of the characters.  It is perfect for anyone who enjoys slight action and an interesting background.  Furthermore, with its inclusion of romance, mystery, and fiction, this book would appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Star rating:  4 stars

Reviewer:  Nicky (Plano teen)

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