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Animal Farm

Animal farmTitle:  Animal Farm

Author/Artist:  George Orwell

Why I picked it up:  There are two reasons why I decided to read this book.  First and foremost is the fact that I was required to read it for this coming 9th grade year.  The second reason is because I have read a few of George Orwell’s other books, such as 1984, and really enjoyed them.

Why I finished it:  This book first started off in a farm, where the perspective was placed upon the different animals on the farm.  It talked about how they interacted with each other, how they fulfilled their different roles on the farm.  However, one day, the animals on the farm revolted upon their owner, and ended up ruling the barn.  They created their own society, with the one animal on top, named Napoleon.  This is when I realized that this book was a reference to the French dictator Napoleon.  As I kept on reading, I found more and more references, and that was the biggest reason I finished the book.

I’d give it to:  I would recommend this book to anybody.  Depending on how you interpret the story, you either could get a very interesting fiction story about animals taking over a farm, or a very unique way of referencing a dictator.

Star rating:  5 stars

Reviewer:  Justin (Plano teen)

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