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LeviathanTitle:  Leviathan

Author/Artist:  Scott Westerfeld

Why I picked it up:  I came across this book through my interest in utopian fiction.  Though not completely a book about utopian and dystopian society, this book is still interesting.  Although this books takes place during World War I, Westerfeld gives a completely new twist on the Great War with the Clankers fighting against the Darwinists.  Furthermore, Westerfeld is able to even weave in a story of love and compassion into a period of chaos and warfare.

Why I finished it:  First of all, this book gives a fresh, new twist on World War I, with Clankers, machinists, fighting against Darwinists, whose technology is based on new species.  As the story continues, two teens unexpectedly cross paths blurring the lines of the enemies and weaving love into the tale.  All in all, this book is very interesting and captivating, leaving the readers unable to put the book down and wanting for more.

I’d give it to:  This book is suitable for any middle and high schooler.  The two main teens of the story are a male and female, meaning that both girls and boys alike would find this enjoyable.  Those who are interested in utopian or historical fiction would definitely enjoy this novel.

Star rating:  4 stars


Reviewer:  Nicky (Plano teen)

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