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When We Wake

when-we-wakeTitle: When We Wake

Author: Karen Healey

Why I picked it up: It was trending on YALSA’s 2013 Teens Top Ten (TTT).

Tegan wakes up in 2127 confused that the last thing she remembers is being at a peaceful protest with her friends and boyfriend in 2027. Somehow she was cryogenically preserved and revived 100 years in the future with everything she knew and everyone she loved no longer in existence. This is her story.

I feel like this book was a bit of a sleeper and not too many people know about it, but every time I suggest it to a reader, they come back and tell me how much they liked it. What I really like about Healey’s writing is the thought-provoking commentary wrapped up in a compelling story. Healey brings to light aspects of social justice, environmental issues, racial issues, gender issues, political issues, and religious issues without making the story boring.

Why I finished it: Science fiction, action and adventure, how could I not?

I’d give it to: Anyone who liked Free to Fall, Reboot, and Falls the Shadow will likely enjoy this book.

Star rating:  4 stars

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