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Melanie’s Best of 2012

Mel's 2012 picsUnwholly by Neal Shusterman

It’s about: In this sequel to Unwind, the morality of unwinding, a process by which wayward teens are redistributed to those in need of organs, is being reviewed. Now parts are often sold on the black market and ‘parts pirates’ are everywhere.  NO teen is safe anymore.

It’s a top pick because: This book was so chilling and masterfully written that I found myself totally immersed in the world the author created.  Unwholly took me on a roller coaster ride that kept me absolutely riveted!

Every Day by David Levithan

It’s about: ”A” is a teenager who wakes up in a different body, as a different gender each day. A tries to inhabit each body without disrupting the life of the owner; (s)he is a respectful guest of every person whose life is borrowed for a day.  Then A falls in love and everything changes.

It’s a top pick because: This is an amazingly well written and thought provoking book.  I found myself questioning the reasons we love someone. My heart broke for A, a being who never really knew love, until now.

Ashen Winter by Mike Mullen

It’s about:  In this sequel to Ashfall, a super volcano erupted several months ago, destroying much of the United States.  Alex and his girlfriend Darla have survived the first months, and now set out to find Alex’s parents. Travel is extremely dangerous as the lack of food and essentials has changed people and danger is everywhere.

It’s a top pick because:  I loved the non-stop horrifying events!  Alex barely gets out of one life-threatening situation when he finds himself in even worse ones! Some pretty horrific things happen in these books- not for the faint of heart!

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

It’s about: Hazel, a teenage girl battling thyroid cancer develops a relationship with Augustus, a guy she meets at her cancer support group.

It’s a top pick because: This book had me laughing and crying, as Hazel and Augustus’s relationship evolves.  It is a heartbreaking, beautifully written novel about living the best life you can.

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