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by Daniel H. Wilson

Think about the fact that computers  are a part of  practically everything in our lives.  Cars. Toys. Cell phones. The controls to nuclear missiles.  Now imagine what would happen if the first sentient, independent, artificial intelligence decided that humans needed to be wiped out, and had the ability to take control of any computer in the world no matter how small.  Imagine being trapped in your car as it drives itself at 100 mph into a telephone pole.  Scared yet?

That’s just the beginning.  “When the Robot War ignites — at a moment known later as Zero Hour — humankind will be both decimated and, possibly, for the first time in history, united.” (from Goodreads)

Why I picked it up: The title and the creepy, red-eyed robot face on the cover.  It reminded me a little of those harlequin masks that I associate with horror films.  Sometimes my book choices are just that shallow.

Why I finished it: This was written in a semi-documentary-style, kind of like World War Z.  I was fascinated by how easily Archos, the evil artificial intelligence, slowly took apart our society brick by technological brick, and each chapter in the book gives you just a little piece of this.

I’d give it to: The teenager who asked me for “science fiction without all the girly stuff, like NOT when the book is really just about a girl who has to decide between two guys and the exciting stuff is just in the background.” *

I’d give it: 4 stars

4 stars

Reviewed by: 
Cecily (Davis Library)

*not a real quote

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