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Five Summers

five summerFive Summers

Una LaMarche

BFFs Emma, Jo, Skylar and Maddie meet up at Camp Nedoba the year after their last summer at the traditional camp, intending to renew their personal vows of loyalty to each other and to enjoy a nostalgic week of s’mores and summer fun. The lifelong friendships start to crack under the strain of very real adult dilemmas caused by boyfriend trouble, deception and betrayal. The girls are forced to examine their summer-camp relationships through the prism of their increasingly complex lives.

Each of the four harbors a secret that is revealed at an inopportune moment. Middle-class Maddie has invented a wealthy family; Skylar doesn’t get along with her demanding father; Emma has a secret, unrequited passion for one of the boys at camp; tomboy Jo, the daughter of the camp owner, realizes that being the life and soul of camp administration is not helping her image in the boyfriend stakes. However, in the end, friendship trumps all, and each girl finds her own resolution to life’s gnarly problems.  [Kirkus Reviews]

Why I picked it up:  With the temperature beginning to rise, I was in the mood for a book with a summer theme.

Why I finished it: Each main character is so very different from the other, and has a story of their own that pulls the readers heartstrings and makes them relatable. Whatever the situation and how their friendship was challenged I was rooting for a happy ending.

I’d give it to: Those who enjoy books that are similar to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or anyone who enjoys a good lazy summer read.

I’d give it:  4/5 Stars

4 stars



Annette (Davis Library)

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