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A Curse Dark as Gold

cursedarkgoldA Curse Dark as Gold
by: Elizabeth C. Bunce

Charlotte Miller’s father has just passed away and she and her sister become in charge of the family Stirwaters Woolen Mill.  The mill is an essential part of the local economy and despite the large amount of debt they owe a local bank, they feel obligated to maintain it.  Then a slew of supernatural things happen that seem to intentionally sabotage Charlotte’s efforts to keep the mill.  A mysterious Jack Spinner consistently appears in the nick of time to help the family get through their hurdles, but he always has strange requests as payment in return.

Why I picked it up: I always take a look at what other librarians and staff are reading at other systems and discovered this book via the Mid-Continent Public Library blog.  In addition, the story is about a woolen mill and I love fiber crafts.

Why I finished it: This story is based on the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin, but has more supernatural elements in it.  At first, the book moved slowly, but seeing the similarities to the original fairy tale kept me guessing about the story’s ending.  It is superbly spooky!

I’d give it to: Readers who like supernatural or fantasy elements in their historical fiction would enjoy this book.  Also, anyone who likes reading novels based on fairy tales.

I’d give it: 4 stars

4 Stars




Reviewed by: Diana (Harrington Library)

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