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Texas Gothic

Texas Gothic

By: Rosemary Clement-Moore

 About: Amy  and Phin Goodnight grew up surrounded by household spells, magic, and benevolent ghosts. While ranch-sitting for their aunt in Texas Amy and her sister quickly realize that they are not alone.  There’s someone in the house with them—It is a powerful ghost that wants something from Amy…

 Why I picked it up: I picked this book up because nothing is more perfect in October than a good ghost story, it takes place in Texas, and it is by a local Texas author!

Why I finished it: OMG, I love this book!! First, the language, Clement-Moore’s choice of words makes for an expressive read. I felt like I could hear the tone in the character’s diction, feel the Texas heat, the supernatural chills and gusts in the air, etc. I also loved how well fleshed out and original the characterizations were, especially since this book takes place in Texas. I get so tired of the hyperbolized depictions of Texas good ol’ boys riding around on tumble weeds. It is so easy to portray the hunky cowboy, city girl on a farm clichés, et al. Rosemary steers clear of those generalizations and creates fully formed, self-aware, and most importantly strong and relatable voices. I am eager to read her most recent book, Spirit and Dust.

I’d give it to: Teens and adults alike who enjoy a good, well written ghost story. Especially readers looking for an accurate description of the Texas Hill Country with a supernatural twist. 🙂

I’d give it:

4 stars

Reviewed by Audrey at the Harrington Public Library

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