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No and Me

No and MeNo and Me

By Delphine de Vigan

Lou Bertignac doesn’t see things the way other girls do. She has an exceptionally high IQ (160), and she likes to hang out at the train station to watch people say good-bye (Tuesdays and Fridays only). She’s not popular, and her parents are too wrapped up in their own problems to pay attention to her quirks. But everything changes when a school project brings Lou face-to-face with No, a teenage girl who’s been living on the streets of Paris.

What starts out as a series of casual interviews (where do you sleep? how do you eat?) soon turns serious when Lou persuades her parents to let No move in with them. Once under the same roof, Lou and No begin to open up to each other and discover they have more in common than they ever imagined. But when No’s past comes back to haunt her, Lou is forced to realize that simply giving No a place to live may not be enough to break the powerful hold the street has on her.

Heartbreaking and hopeful, No and Me offers a compelling look at the bonds of friendship and family and the true meaning of home. (Summary taken from book jacket).

Why I picked it up: I initially came across this book about a year ago, but never checked it out. It wasn’t until recently, while searching for a quick read, that I rediscovered this book.

Why I finished it: From the very first page to the last, No and Me captivated my attention to the point where I could not let go of the characters for a single moment. I read this in one sitting and loved everything about it. Lou and No made my heart melt into a puddle of mush and just like Lou, I too wanted so desperately to save No.

It’s been a while since I’ve come across a character like Lou. Her Utopic ideals made me want to cradle her. As strong and determined as Lou is to save her new friend, to change the course of her life, she learns that the world is far more powerful.

I was moved to tears by Lou’s personal growth, and the close relationship she with No. I truly believe Delphine de Vigan has written a beautiful story that captures the hope, chaos and reality of life.

I’d give it to: I would recommend this book to everyone!

I’d give it: 5 Stars

5 stars



Reviewed by Milen (Harrington library)

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